Welcome to Jaffna College

Our History

In 1816 American missionaries founded the American Ceylon Mission in Jaffna. The ACM established missions in other parts of the Jaffna peninsula including one in Vaddukoddai. The ACM established numerous schools on the peninsula, the first school being the Common Free School (Union College) in Tellippalai. In 1823 the Batticotta Seminary was established in Vaddukoddai to educate the brightest boys on the peninsula.

Alumni of the Batticotta Seminary and other local Christians led a campaign to re-open the seminary and in 1871 Jaffna College was opened on the former seminary site.

Jaffna College Logo & Motto
“Jesus Christ the Light of Life”.

“Jesus Christ the Light of Life”.



Principal’s Message

Jaffna College remains committed to educating young people in the
academic, sporting and communal aspects of life to prepare them well for their life’s journey, whatever this might be. We give thanks for Jesus Christ, Light of Life, for his continued guidance and blessings on our endeavors.