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The twilight series movie review

Could it be any good?

Overseer Catherine Hardwicke nails the teenager emotions and relationships, and she stays surprisingly devoted to the novel. But while the Bella-Edward relationship is appropriately swoony, other parts of the film are quite schlocky and even unintentionally funny (such Edward’s face expressions by his initially whiff of Bella’s intoxicating scent). While some of the assisting cast is definitely spot-on (Ashley Greene is pixie-ish and graceful as prescient vampire Alice, and Burke’s Charlie is exactly the type of loving-but-hands-off daddy Meyer describes), other heroes – just like Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) – are lowered to one notice. In Rathbone’s case, your dog is a figurine with extremely gelled hair and a permanent look of irritation that got a large number of laughs. But cosmetic issues aside, almost all of the characters – right down to the villainous ghosts led by simply James (Cam Gigandet) – act like their very own counterparts in the novel.

Via Edward’s gleaming silver Volvo and Bella’s beat-up crimson truck for the glittery field scene, the lullaby as well as the longing looks, Hardwicke and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg have got included the majority of the book’s vital details. Yet moviegoers that have no idea why so many girls in the audience will be wearing Team Edward shirts will find areas ofTwilightfoolish and light . Clearly, the true story is the Bella-Edward love, and in that respect the film will need to appease hardcore Twilighters (the on-screen kisses are even even more passionate within the book). Stewart truly does Bella rights with her constant laziness and her serious mousseline. Pattinson is usually dreamy and intense, though it would’ve recently been better had the British actor enhanced a more enhanced American highlight. When the star-struck couple 1st leaps throughout the trees jointly or kisses, brace yourself for applause and giddy shrieks. People who don’t brain teen love served which has a side of cheese (and bloodlust) will love it. With no matter what, it’s going to an absolute must-see for the series’ teen-vampire-adoring fans.


Bella Swan, a seventeen-year-old outcast, moves to Forks, a tiny town located by Buenos aires state’s Olympic Peninsula, to have with her father, Steve, who is the authorities chief of town. Her mother, Renis remarried to a slight league hockey player, right now living in Fl. At her new senior high school, Bella makes several new friends, nevertheless she is likewise intrigued by the mysterious and aloof Cullen siblings. Bella sits subsequent to Edward Cullen in biology class onto her first day of school, yet he seems to be repulsed by her. After a week of absence from school, Edward earnings to school and begins socializing with Belissima normally. A couple of days afterwards, Bella is nearly struck with a van in the school building. Edward will save her simply by instantaneously protecting a range of over thirty toes, and placing himself between Bella as well as the van, blocking it with only his hand, and making a conspicuous drop on the truck. He therefore refuses to clarify his actions to Belissima, and alerts her against befriending him.

After much research, Bella concludes that Edward is definitely seemingly man, but provides mysterious capabilities resembling those of a goule. He eventually confirms this, but says he as well as the other Cullens only consume animal blood vessels. The set fall in take pleasure in, and Edward introduces Bella to his vampire relatives. Carlisle Cullen, the family members patriarch, is known as a doctor working at the hospital in Forks. His wife is Esme, the family’s matriarch. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie, are their particular informally adopted children. Edward and Bella’s relationship is definitely soon put in jeopardy the moment three nomadic vampiresJames, Victoria, and Laurentarrive in Forks. James, a tracker vampire with outstanding hunting instincts, is immediately intrigued by simply Edward’s protectiveness of a man, which incites him to hunt Belissima for sport. Edward as well as the other Cullens put their lives on the queue in an effort to safeguard Bella, yet James songs her to Phoenix, Arizona ( az ), where the girl with hiding with Jasper and Alice. Adam lures Bella into a pitfall by falsely claiming that he is having her mother hostage. Adam attacks Bella by biting on her wrist, infecting her with goule venom. After a ferocious fight, Edward subdues James just as the various other members of the Cullen friends and family arrive. Alice, Emmett, and Jasper get rid of James, decapitating and burning him, because Edward gets rid of the venom from Bella’s wrist, protecting against her coming from turning into a vampire. Inside the aftermath of the battle, Bella has suffered a broken lower leg, and ends up in the hospital, but her mother stops by to visit. Upon returning to Forks, Edward comes with Bella towards the high school prom, where he will not grant her request that he would convert her right into a vampire. While the two type in the gazebo, they are unaware that James’ partner, Victoria, is secretly watching, plotting vengeance for her soulmate’s death.

  • Peter Facinelli because Carlisle Cullen, a caring 300-plus-year-old vampire who looks to be in his early 30s. He serves as the town’s physician and it is the Cullen family patriarch.
  • Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen, Carlisle’s vampire wife and the matriarch of the Cullen family.
  • Ashley Greene since Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale’s mate, a vampire that can see the foreseeable future based on decisions that people produce.
  • Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen, bodily the strongest vampire from the family.
  • Nikki Reed as Rosalie Good, Emmett Cullen’s mate, a vampire described as the most beautiful person in the world. The girl with hostile toward Bella over the film, bothered that Edward’s relationship using a human puts their clan at risk.
  • Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Good, a Cullen family member who can manipulate thoughts. He is the most recent member of the Cullen relatives, and thus gets the most problems maintaining their very own vegetarian diet plan of feeding only in animal rather than human blood.
  • Billy Burke as Steve Swan, Bella’s father and Forks’ Main of Authorities.
  • Cam Gigandet as Adam Witherdale, the leader of a group of nomadic ghosts that expects to kill Bella. He can Victoria’s mate and a gifted tracker, due to his unparalleled detects.
  • Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria Sutherland, James’ mate whom assists him in hunting Bella.
  • Edi Gathegi since Laurent Da Revin, the most civilized member of James’ coven.
  • Sarah Clarke as RenDwyer, Bella’s mother who have lives in Illinois with her new hubby, Phil.
  • Taylor Lautner because Jacob Black, a well used childhood good friend of Belissima and an associate of the Quileute tribe.
  • Christian Serratos because Angela Weber, one of Bella’s new friends in Forks.
  • Michael Welch as Robert Newton, one of Bella’s fresh friends who have vies on her attention.
  • Anna Kendrick because Jessica Stanley, Bella’s first friend in Forks.
  • Gregory Tyree Boyce as Tyler Crowley, another of Bella’s
  • Solomon Trimble because Sam Uley. Solomon Trimble was acknowledged as Jacob’s friend inside the film, but was w
  • Krys Hyatt because Embry Call up. He was named playing fault Embry inside theTwilightfilm, though his role was uncredited.
  • Gil Birmingham since Billy Dark
  • He Bushell while Phil Dwyer
  • JosZwhile Mr. Molina
  • Ned Bellamy while Waylon Forge
  • Ayanna Berkshire as Cora
  • Katie Powers as Man
  • Trish Egan as Ms. Manage

Package office

Twilightgrossed over $7 million in ticket sales from m >The film can be fifth general on Fandango’s list of top advance ticket sales, outranked only by its follow up the following season,Star Battles: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith(2005),The Dark Knight(2008), andHarry Knitter and the Half-Blood Prince(2009). That grossed $35. 7 mil on it is opening day time. Due to its opening weekend in the United States and Canada,The twilight seriesaccumulated $69. 6 million from several, 419 movies building at an common of $20, 368 every theater. The film grossed $192, 769, 854 in the United States and Canada, and $199, 846, 771 in international territories for a total of $392, 616, 625. The opening weekend gross was the highest at any time of a female-directed film, exceeding that ofDeep Impact(1998).

What father and mother need to know

Father and mother need to know that the adaptation of author Stephenie Meyer’s children culture trendTwilightwas one of the most anticipated movies of 2008. An incredible number of kids 12 to 18 include read the books, and many more know about them. Just like the novel, the film features an intense romance between a gorgeous vampire and a human young lady. There are a few kisses and several destin, hand details, and sees. One make-out session occurs on a pickup bed with the girl in her underwear, yet it’s abruptly stopped. The movie’s violence is mostly intended, but discover one particularly disturbing picture involving vampires, blood, a bitten individual with a busted limb, and the destruction of the evil goule. Language and drinking usually are issues; item placement is mostly limited to cars – Volvo, Hummer, Mercedes, etc .


Since its release,Twilighthas received numerous nominations and awards. In January 2009, Carter Burwell was nominated for Film Composer of the Year by the International Film Music Critics Association. Robert Pattinson won Bravo TV’s A-List Award for A-List Breakout. At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Pattinson, who was nominated alongs >Christian Serratos won a Young Artist Prize for Best Efficiency in a Characteristic Film: Helping Young Presenter. Pertaining to the 2009 Teen Choice Prizes, held upon August on the lookout for, the film and its stars received a combined total of doze nominations, nine of which the film received. On the 2009 Scream Awards, the film was nominated for nine honours, four that it won. The film earned two ANIMO Awards intended for makeup and hairstyling. It also gained the Public Choice Award with the World Soundtrack Awards, wherever Carter Burwell was likewise nominated pertaining to Composer with the Year. Catherine Hardwicke received a Hollywood Honor for her directing. Additionally , the film was nominated for Best Fantasy Film with the 35th Saturn Awards and two Grammy Prizes.


Stephenie Meyer’s paranormal romance novelTwilightwas originally optioned by Paramount Pictures’ MTV Films in April 2004, but the screenplay that was subsequently developed was substantially different from its source material. When Summit Entertainment reinvented itself as a full-service studio in April 2007, it began development of a film adaptation anew, having picked up the rights from Paramount (who coinc >The company perceived the film as an opportunity to launch a franchise based on the success of Meyer’s book and its sequels. Catherine Hardwicke was hired to direct the film and Melissa Rosenberg was hired to write the script in m

Rosenberg developed an outline by the end of August, and collaborated with Hardwicke on writing the screenplay during the following month. Rosenberg sa >Due to the impending Copy writers Guild of America affect, Rosenberg performed full-time to end the screenplay before March 31. In changing the novel, she had to acquire a great deal. inches Some heroes from the story were not showcased in the screenplay, whereas some characters were combined in others. [O]ur purpose all along was to stay true to the book, Rosenberg explained, and it has to carry out less with adapting that word for word and even more with making sure the characters’ arcs and emotional excursions are the same. inches Hardwicke suggested the use of voice over to convey Bella’s inner dialogue since the novel is definitely told via her point of view and she drew some of the storyboards during pre-production.

Filming and post-production

On a bed in Catherine Hardwicke’s house is where Pattinson kissed Stewart for the first time for theTwilightscreen test. That bed made Pattinson who he is right now, says Reed. That’s also where Hardwicke auditioned Evan Rachel Wood, when she had her get into her bed with Nikki Reed for the filmThirteen. When asked about her lair, Hardwicke says, MTV came and d >Principal photography took 44 days, after more than a week of rehearsals, and completed on May 2, 2008. Similar to her directorial debutThirteen, Hardwicke opted for an extensive use of hand-held cinematography to make the film feel real. Meyer visited the production set three times and was consulted on different aspects of the story; she also has a brief cameo in the film. Cast members who portrayed vampires avo >They also took part in rehearsals with a party choreographer and observed the physicality of different panthera to make their physical movements significantly more stylish.

Scenes had been filmed generally in Portland, Oregon. Stunt function was completed mainly by cast. The battle sequence between Gigandet and Pattinson’s characters in a ballet studio, which has been filmed during the first week of production, involved a substantial amount of wire work because the vampires inside the story possess superhuman power and velocity. Gigandet incorporated mixed martial arts fighting techniques in this sequence, which involved chicken and honey as substitutes for flesh. Bella, the protagonist, is usually unconscious during these events, and since the new is advised from her point of view, this sort of action sequences are illustrative and exceptional to the film. The english actor noted that maintaining their center of gravity can be difficult when doing wire job because you will need to really fight against that as well as letting it do what needs to carry out. Lefdiscovered the experience disorienting since forward motion was out of her control.

Rather than shooting for Forks Secondary school itself, moments taking place at the school were filmed by Kalama Secondary school and Madison High school graduation. Other scenes were filmed in St . Helens, and Hardwicke executed some reshooting in Pasadena, California, that kicks off in august.Twilightwas originally slated to be theatrically released in the United States on Dec 12, 08, but its release date was changed to The fall of 21 followingHarry Knitter and the Half-Blood Princewas rescheduled for an opening in July 2009. Two teaser trailers, as well as a few additional moments, were introduced for the film, as well as a final trailers, which was unveiled on March 9. A 15-minute excerpt ofThe twilight serieswas provided during the International Rome Film Festival in Italy. The film received a rating of PG-13 in the Motion Picture Association of America for some violence and a landscape of sensuality.

The parents’ gu

Bella and Edward’s romance sends a somewhat blended message to teens – it’s terne and caring, but it could also be perceived as compulsive. The Cullens are a incredibly loyal friends and family, and they make an effort to rise above their particular baser vampire instincts.

Belissima is older and clever, but the girl can also be based mostly and fragile. Edward is definitely respectful and gallant, although often somewhat angsty. Modern-day Native Americans are featured respectfully.

Many of the violence is usually implied: You will find fast pictures of vampires right before they will kill animals (both human being and animal). A group of men follows Belissima down a dark intersection and starts off harassing her; Edward intends them. A predatory goule tries to get rid of Bella. Which bloody, aggresive fight among an bad vampire and the Cullens. Belissima is seriously hurt and ends up in the hospital. Charlie, a sheriff, provides weapons, together with a shotgun.

As with the publication, Bella and Edward have an intensely romantic (though total fairly chaste) relationship. They stare and gaze each and every other adoringly and share some passionate embraces and a few kisses, which includes one make-out session that takes place on the bed although Bella’s in her undergarments. Other lovers flirt, carry hands, and swoon at each other.

Amazingly mild for any PG-13 film, just like the publication: repulsive, inches vile, inch dammit. inches

Brands presented include Volvo, Hummer, Mercedes, Mac, BMW, Lays potato chips, Body Glove, and South west. Most performances are delicate, though Edward’s Volvo has its own big occasions.

No consuming or cigarette smoking by underage characters. Bella’s dad great friend replenish with containers of ale for an afternoon together yet aren’t basically shown ingesting them. Belissima gives her dad a great unopened may of dark beer in one landscape.

Breathing Lifestyle intoThe twilight series

Twilightfollowers and beginners alike can engross themselves in the story, as the acting doesn’t come across as discontinued or rehearsed. British professional Robert Robert, who takes on teenage vampire Edward Cullen, solidifies his expertise and sure-to-come Hollywood success in this position. His capacity to convey the depth of emotion and development of this character is fairly notable. Solid mate Kristen Stewart also gives a solid performance, playing Bella Swan. The film falls flat on a few of the secondary character types though. The nomadic actors are sub-par compared with all of those other cast. Could be it was just their preposterous costumes.

The high quality visual effects, script, and cinematography make this film. Filmed in location, representative Catherine Hardwicke captures the well-known beauty of Or and Buenos aires State. Her industry experience (The Nativity StoryandThirteen) is definitely shown from this new film through the in a lather filming and direction with the project.

A word of caution:Bella is hunted during the movie by vampires who thirst for her blood. One climatic scene shows a character getting dismembered and burned in the background.


Twilightauthor Stephenie Meyer

Kristen Stewart was on the set ofAdventurelandwhen Hardwicke visited her for an informal screen test that captivated the director. Hardwicke had trouble finding an actor otherworldly enough to play vampire Edward Cullen. Then she got a call about a guy in London. I looked at a couple pictures and was like, ˜I’m not sure,’? Hardwicke says. He had been fired from his last job, he was unemployed, he was in debt. Pattinson flew to Los Angeles on his own dime to read with Stewart. Shiloh Fernandez, Jackson Rathbone, Ben Barnes, and Robert Pattinson were the final four up for the role of Edward. Hardwicke d >Hardwicke sa >Pattinson was unfamiliar with the novel series prior to his screen test but read the books later on. Meyer allowed him to view a manuscript of the unfinishedM >Fan reaction to Pattinson’s casting as Edward was initially negative; Rachelle Lefremarked that [e]very woman had their own Edward [that] they had to let go of before they could open up to [him], which they d >Meyer was excited and ecstatic in response to the casting of the two main characters. She had expressed interest in having Emily Browning and Henry Cavill cast as Bella and Edward, respectively, prior to pre-production.

Peter Facinelli was not originally cast as Carlisle Cullen. [Hardwicke] liked me, but there was another actor that the studio was pushing for, Facinelli sa >For unknown reasons, that actor was not able to play the part and Facinelli was selected in his place. The choice of Ashley Greene to portray Alice Cullen was the subject of fan criticism due to Greene being 7 inches (18 cm) taller than her character as described in the novel. Meyer had also stated that Rachael Leigh Cook resembled her vision of Alice. Nikki Reed had previously worked with Hardwicke onThirteen, which they wrote together, andLords of Dogtown. Reed commented, I don’t want to say it’s a coinc

Kellan Lutz was in Africa shooting the HBO miniseriesGeneration Eliminatewhen the auditions for the character of Emmett Cullen were conducted. The role experienced already been players by the time that production resulted in December 2007, but the actor or actress who had been picked fell through; Lutz consequently auditioned and was flown to Or, where Hardwicke personally selected him. Rachelle Lefwas thinking about pursuing a role in the film because Hardwicke was attached to the task as director; there was as well the potential to explore a character, hopefully, above three films; and she wanted to portray a goule. She thought that vampires were basically the ideal metaphor to get human anxiety and concerns about getting alive. Christian Serratos at first auditioned intended for Jessica Stanley, but the girl fell fully in love with Angela after studying the books and efficiently took advantage of a after opportunity to casting for Angela Weber. The part of Jessica Stanley attended Anna Kendrick, who acquired the part following two mix-and-match auditions with assorted actors.

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