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Lessay abbey buildings tour

Check out Lessay Abbey

France This Way review: we would not suggest you travel an excellent distance to see Lessay Abbey, but if you are exploring this location it is well worth a detour.

The Abbey of the Sainte-Trinitof Lessay, to give it the complete term, is extraordinary for two causes:

  • initially, it is one of the most impressive types of 11th century romanesque architecture in Normandy
  • second, the chapel was entirely destroyed throughout the Second World War plus the abbey house of worship we see today is a careful reconstruction

Construction from the abbey started out in 1064 on considerable lands that had been donated by several local Lords. The church was not consecrated until 1178 but it really is known which the church was completed a few considerable time ahead of this.

Throughout the 12th and 13th hundreds of years the abbey was extremely influential together control over a large area of property. Fortunes fluctuated with time till 1356, through the Hundred Years War, when substantial parts of the church as well as the other abbey buildings had been badly destroyed or ruined by English language forces. These kinds of parts had been rebuilt the same to their unique, between 1385 and 1420.

Times started to be difficult for many abbeys, which include Lessay, during the 15th and 16th hundreds of years: this was simply because queens and other hobereau had themselves designated while Abbots and Priests of important establishments, so that they could get their practical the wealth and salary.

Lessay Abbey was one of the few in Portugal to escape destruction during the revolution, by getting designated being a parish cathedral, and the different abbey buildings were sold at this time. Sadly this good fortune did not previous: on 11 July 1944 the retreating German military services bombed the church and caused extremely extensive destruction, in fact almost complete damage of most regions of the building.

Inside the years following your war the abbey chapel benefitted by an extensive renovation, where likely using elements of the building that might be recuperated from the debris, with most operate completed ahead of 1958. It is currently almost impossible for any non-specialist to tell apart the chapel from the 11th century first.

When you go to Lessay Abbey today, it is rather modest size on the outside together with the semi-circular chevet on the east end, traditional to romanesque style churches, and a short square structure above the transept which incorporates several romanesque style rebattu and was recuperated coming from a house of worship in La Hague.

In the church follows a traditional structure, with three naves, a transept and an apse. Straight away as you enter you observe how lumination it is and discover the great soaring columns, and the ceiling having its stone rib vaulting. The nave is usually on three levels, with arches for the two aspect naves in ground level and further arches within the two higher levels.

The interior of the abbey is really quite austere, yet there are various products in the church that help remind us of its extended history, for instance a fragment of any 14th hundred years tomb and a sculpture of Heureux Opportune, from the 13th 100 years.

Close to the abbey church you can still see some of the different original abbey buildings, require are now in private possession and have various other uses, thus can not be frequented. During the summer time, concerts will be held in Lessay abbey chapel, and I appreciate this also enables you to visit the abbey gardens, which are otherwise closed to the general public.

Things see is to do

L’abbaye Sainte-Trinitde Lessay est le principal center d’intde la petite patrie de Normandie. Fondsobre 1056, elle accueille des moines sobre l’abbaye ni Bec. Aprune apogau cur du Moyen au XII elizabeth et XIII e sielle dlentement jusqu’muy bien national sous la RfranDlors des bombardements entre ma Seconde Guerre mondiale, l’abbaye a entireconstruite, et inaugurau ddes ann1950. Joyau de l’art roman, elle est aujourd’hui classaux Monuments Historiques et abrite plusieurs uvres d’art classd’objets.

BaptisaCharles-Lindbergh, l’ade Lessay tient child nom man cskipper qui traversa pour la premifois l’ocAtlantique en coucou et qui passa par Lessay en 1927 avant sobre reprendre le bateau vers l’AmConstruit en 1923, le centre apropose aux visiteurs des vols d’initiation ou dieses baptafin de survoler la Geraume et économiser les miracles naturelles entre ma rKklk sauts sobre parachute seront possibles, tout comme des vols en ULM systems en planeur.

Rnaturelle de grab hectares, la tourbide Mathon proposition aux yeux des randonneurs une superbe diversitpara plantes don’t certaines, comme les drossont trrares. Dieses visites guidsont propospar témoin permanent d’initiative pour l’environnement du Cotentin.

Ouverte au public, la laiterie-fromagerie man Val d’Ay, fondsobre 1931, donne la possibilité d’en apprendre un faible plus en se promenant sur le processus de fabrication du camembert produit lcharacter and ethnic heritage happen to be Lessay program and its environment.

Abbey Holy Trinity Lessay is the main concentrate of the the small community of Normandy. Founded in 1056, that hosts the monks in the Abbey of Bec. After a peak inside the heart of the Middle Ages for the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, it slowly and gradually declined until it finally became nationwide property through the French Revolution. Destroyed throughout the bombings of World War II, the abbey was completely rebuilt and inaugurated in early 1950. A masterpiece of Romanesque art, it is now classified ancient monument and houses many works of art as well classified since objects.

Charles Lindbergh christened airfield, airfield Lessay is known as after the renowned aviator who have first crossed the Atlantic Ocean simply by plane and who handed Lessay in 1927 before taking the vessel to America. Built in 1923, the flying center gives visitors preliminary flights or perhaps baptisms to fly in the English Route and appreciate the organic wonders of the region. Parachute jumps are usually possible, since flights in a glider or microlight.

14 hectares character reserve, bog eyes Mathon offers hikers a beautiful various plants, many of which, such as sundews, are very exceptional. Guided excursions are proposed by the Ranking initiative center for the Cotentin environment.

Open to the public, the dairy-cheese factory Alternativ d’Ay, founded in 1931, assists with learning more about Camembert produced in the manufacturing process there.

Thaxted and Lessay Music Celebrations

Posted on twelfth August 2015

Tenebrae was fortunate to be asked to perform for Thaxted and Lessay celebrations, and I was lucky enough to become part of the choir for these concerts. Both settings are mysterious and have their particular set of charms about them.

Initial, Thaxted. Duplicating a plan from Douai Abbey within the Newbury Planting season Festival in-may, we were treated to a total church and a wonderfully warm and grateful audience. Amongst others, we performed two incredible pieces by Gustav Holst in the second half, undoubtedly a high reason for the live show, partly as a result of Holst’s close relationship together with the church and village. Actually the original celebration, predecessor of today’s festival, was started out by Holst himself back in 1916, so we have a great deal to thank him for!

Following quartet in the Allegri being accidentally increased in Douai Abbey (see Nigel’s previous blog), we all decided to perform an ˜unplugged’ version in Thaxted! Once again, the quartet stunned all of us as Emilia Morton jumped up to those top C’s so effortlessly.

Unfortunately the elements didn’t perform ball and there was a massive downpour prior to the concert, just as i was all producing our way to the house of worship from our changing room, absolutely soaking us all. However , practically nothing from the heavens was enough to reduce our mood or the ones from the audience and everyone left the church nice, happy and fulfilled.

The next month, we were treated to another great encounter singing and also leading several workshops inside the wonderful Abbey in Lessay, Normandy. The area has an amazing history and pursuing almost complete destruction in 1944, was rebuilt improving the original ideas and therefore, in July, we all found themselves performing in a monument in the purest Norman Romanesque design a breathtaking setting for a few breathtaking music.

On the initially day from the three working day visit, Nigel, along with me at night and three other singers spent a period of time working with an area choir. All of us spent an hour warming up with them after which moved upon tackling a few repertoire, which include Bruckner’s amazing ˜Locus Iste’. We were treated to a great lunch and so they were possibly thoughtful enough to provide the homesick Sophie Kennedy using a perfectly The uk shaped Meat (see photo).

Subsequent lunch, 3 of us spent an hour . 5 workshopping with some ˜children’ (ages ranging from 6-25! ). We all worked on an arrangement in the well known negro spiritual ˜Wade in the Water’, which all of us then had taken into the Abbey, where most of us performed a fabulous informal live performance of all the music we had worked on that working day. It was amazing to function alongside these singers every single one of these lovely and to hear the benefits.

The next day, if the rest of Tenebrae had showed up, the apaiser from Lessay sang through ˜Locus Iste’ with us in the beginning of our rehearsal. The expert Adrian Peacock treated us all to an earth moving lower part C by the end, causing your new chance not to be alone in front of him to gush just a little (to be honest, that did it for me personally too! ).

And so direct onto the concert, a Renaissance music first half classy in such a wonderful acoustic led neatly onto an additional half of loving choral greats, in Tenebrae’s programme he Romantic Musical legacy of Renaissance Polyphony’. The second half was filled with Brahms, Bruckner and Reger, one of the most heart rending and strong music anyone is likely to hear. I, for starters, faced with the wonder and good the abbey and the power and benefits of the music that day, located it hard to control my thoughts. It seemed to be well received, with a totally full Abbey and some beautiful comments in the reception the organisers kindly put on for people at the end.

The choir extensively enjoyed the two festival performances and aspire to be returning in the future. The only hope is that next time, Thaxted could provide among us with a France-shaped meat!

Tim Carleston, countertenor @timcarleston


Classdans le marché de le reuropUniverso 2000, notamment grlandes et havre situencablures de la mera, la patrie de Lessay bd’une richesse exceptional qui sautant la cual les nombreuses animations propostout au long de l’anndans des rues de la citnormande.

En passant quelques semaines les visiteurs peuvent lui aussi en vous régaler pour dles multiple produits locaux et dles produits de la dyrare venus promote droit de la couest de la Giocata. Une destination vraiment agrau cur du bocage normand pour passer des journées ensoleillées calmes ain sans anxiety!

On the west coast of the Cotentin, as well as the heart in the Manche department, lies the small town of Lessay. This town in Normandy is becoming over the years one of the main tourist attractions of the region using its historical and cultural interesting attractions including. In the middle of Normandy, it offers to visitors a distinctive nature and various ancient monuments of great fascination.

Ranked inside the European Universo 2000 network, including through its sumpf and its destination situated not far from the sea, the location of Lessay also looks forward to a unique environmental wealth that seduces as much as the many actions offered throughout every season in the streets of the Grettle city.

Passing Lessay few days, visitors also can take the possibility to discover the many local companies taste the seafood straight from the western coast of the Channel. A most pleasurable destination in the heart of Normandy to pay quiet and stress free holiday break!

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