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Family tree 2: Empress of Devastation

Characteristic Master NPC – Feature Potions and Attribute Stones/Crystals Exchange

The Credit Master NPC provides a couple of services regarding the attribute system. You will find currently two Attribute Learn NPCs – in Aden outside the Blacksmith Shop in addition to Rune Fort Town merely north of the Gatekeeper.

You can buy attribute potions for any in the 6 credit elements by those NPCs. These potions give you a 10 minutes buff which usually increases the credit resistance pertaining to the component of your choice simply by 30.

Also you can exchange feature stones for the same number of feature stones from the opposite type for free, we. e. drinking water stones pertaining to fire rocks. Crystals cannot be exchanged in this way though.

About High Five, you today also have the alternative to exchange feature stones pertaining to attribute crystals. The rate of exchange is usually 5 single-type attribute pebbles plus a few million Adena for 1 Crystal of the same attribute.

Lastly, the NPC gives you the option to remove an attribute through your weapon or perhaps armor part for a small fee. This way you may apply fresh attribute on your items if you would like to.

Relative Difference Chart of Credit System Breakpoints – Before and After Freya

Finally, let’s see the relative difference of damage increase bonus after and before the Freya update (click onto the to see it in full size):

Therefore basically, when you have your final attack characteristic after subtracting all the attribute resistances, you should use the graphs to see what increase in destruction you will offer or obtain.

You can down load the Excel 2007 schedule that I used to make these graphs:

If you’re interested, here are some helpful content, articles and discussions about the feature system’s breakpoints:


Class Attribute
Duelist Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Dreadnought Earth
Phoenix, az Knight O
Hell Knight Dark, but can also employ Fire/Water/Earth/Wind if perhaps not depending upon Judgement a lot of
Adventurer Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Sagittarius Open fire
Archmage Flames
Soultaker Dark
Arcana head of the family Fire
Capital Holy
Hierophant Holy
School Attribute
Eva’s Templar Drinking water
Sword Muse Holy
Wind flow Rider Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Moonlight Sentinel Wind
Marvel Muse Drinking water
Elemental Expert Water
Eva’s Saint Ay

3. two Metadata functions

  • Source discovery
    • Enabling resources to be found by relevant criteria;
    • Identifying resources;
    • Bringing similar resources together;
    • Distinguishing dissimilar resources;
    • Giving area information.

  • Organizing e-resources
    • Organizing backlinks to methods based on viewers or matter.
    • Building these pages dynamically via metadata trapped in databases.

  • Facilitating interoperability
    • Using described metadata strategies, shared copy protocols, and crosswalks between schemes, solutions across the network can be looked more seamlessly.
      • Cross-system search, e. g., using Z39. 50 process;
      • Metadata harvesting, e. g., OAI protocol.

  • Digital identification
    • Elements pertaining to standard figures, e. g., ISBN
    • The location of a digital object may also be offered using:
      • data name
      • a WEB LINK
      • some persistent verifications, e. g., PURL (Persistent URL); DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
    • Combined metadata to act as a set of determining data, distinguishing one target from one other for approval purposes.

  • Archiving and preservation
    • Issues:
      • Digital details is vulnerable and can be corrupted or changed;
      • It may well become useless as storage technologies transform.
    • Metadata is key to making sure that methods will endure and continue to be accessible forward6171. Archiving and preservation require special components:
      • to track the lineage of a digital target
      • to detail its physical qualities, and
      • to record its tendencies in order to emulate it at a later date technologies.
  • Established Summary

    Lineage2: Revolution features a Rare Skill system that permits experienced adventurers with the proper training to use powerful abilities, regardless of their particular race or class. In contrast to ordinary abilities, which can be learnt by simply attaining the appropriate level, Exceptional Skills can by learnt by collecting skill internet pages to complete a Rare Neglected Scroll.

    There are various types of rare expertise with a broad variety of uses suited to any school. Some Unusual Skills deal tremendous damage, regardless of which in turn class uses them! Obtain challenge your self and show out of your characters’ durability by collecting lots of Uncommon Skills?

    Making use of Attributes. Characteristic Items

    Apart from skills which has a built-in attribute, buffs providing an increase in assault or security attributes, and attributes received through skill enchant, also you can add characteristics to your weapons and armor set parts (excluding protects, shirts, devices, cloaks, accessories, headgears and thus on). Simply S-Grade and higher quality items can easily have characteristic effects used on them.

    To achieve that, you need to use characteristic items. There are currently two styles of those things – characteristic stones and attribute deposits. When you apply attribute products successfully, you increase possibly the harm or protection attribute worth of an item. Attributes used on weapons add to your attack feature value and those applied to battle suits pieces rely towards your credit resistance values in your numbers window.

    Fire Rock Water Stone Earth Stone Wind Natural stone Dark Rock Divine Rock
    Fire Crystal Water Ravenscroft Earth Ravenscroft Wind Amazingly Dark Very Divine Crystal

    To utilize an characteristic item just double simply click it although it’s inside your inventory. You can also drag that onto your toolbar and use it the same as other things, such as healing potions.

    Credit values and levels

    The most attribute worth for a tool is currently 300 and the optimum value of the single attribute on shield pieces is 120.

    Attribute values are usually categorized in levels, depending on the current attribute value on the weapon or perhaps armor piece. Attribute rocks can raise the attribute principles of weaponry and suits up to level 3. Credit crystals can easily increase the characteristic above level 3 or over to level 6.

    The rise amount for each successful use of attribute stones/crystals is six attribute items for guns and a few for armor pieces. The only exception to this is the initial attribute software to weaponry that have zero attribute. In this case, the 1st successful utilization of attribute rocks on a weapon increases its attribute by 20.

    Weapon credit levelsget as follows, with all the values for every level plus the number of feature items needed to reach the next level:

    Screenshot Weapon Feature Level Attribute Value Range Number of attribute items necessary to reach the next stage Attribute item type
    1 zero – 25 2 Attribute Stone
    2 25 – 75 10 Characteristic Stone
    3 seventy five – 150 15 Credit Stone
    4 one hundred and fifty – a hundred seventy five 5 Feature Crystal
    5 175 – 225 10 Attribute Crystal
    6 240 – three hundred 15 Credit Crystal

    Here’s a screenshot of the maxed away weapon’s strike attribute value:

    And now intended for thearmour piece feature levels:

    Screenshot Armor Piece Attribute Level Attribute Worth Range Quantity of attribute items needed to reach the next level Feature Item Type
    1 0 – 12 2 Attribute Rock
    a couple of 12 – 30 a few Attribute Rock
    three or more 30-60 your five Attribute Stone
    four 60 – 72 a couple of Attribute Very
    your five 72 – 90 3 Attribute Ravenscroft
    6th 90 – 120 5 Attribute Amazingly

    And here’s a screenshot of an armor part with maximum resistance to a an feature:

    The total amount of attack feature and credit resistance provided by weapons, armor pieces, accessories (i. at the. RB jewelry), potions and skills can be seen in the Character Position Window (accessed by Alt+T).

    Important note:Applying characteristic items to shield pieces increases resistance to the contrary element. Elizabeth. g. when you use a Fire credit stone on your own Draconic Mitts, it will raise the amount of Water security they provide while you’re wearing them.

    Bladedancer Main character Class

    • Race:Darker Elf
    • Task:Warrior
    • Weaponry:Dual Swords and Spear

    The following is another class with substantial damage, but this time through with large armor. A good thing about this category is that this retains the high speed of movement despite using all that battle suits.

    Bladedancer requires a lot of focus when it comes to progressing up which is not a installing choice pertaining to beginners. But it is highly advised for advanced players whom are looking for difficult and finally very effective class.

    Chat orders

    Simple Chat– To talk with other players in the local area, type what you desire to say and hit Enter in.

    Family Chat– Type the @ mark and some text, and the concept will be exhibited to other members of your group.

    Alliance Chat– Type the $ image and some text, and the communication will be exhibited to other users of your alliance.

    Get together Chat– Type the # sign and some text, and the communication will be displayed to all users of your current party.

    Trade Talk– Type the + symbol just before a message to send your communication to the operate chat funnel.

    Sound– Sound is a private conversation between you and one other gamer only. Type a offer mark () before the name of the personality you want to whisper to, then enter your message and hit Enter.

    Yell– Type the ! mark followed by a communication to yell the communication to all players in a significant area. You will find chat filter systems enabled inLineage 2to help control spam and other abuse of Shout.

    Hero– Type the % mark followed by some text to broadcast the meaning to all players on the server. This funnel can only be applied by Heroes once every single 10 just a few seconds.

    Welcome To The Ultimate Shillien Knight Guideline!

    Shillien Knights will be Dark Elves (Warrior) which can be selected following finishing the Class Transfer mission at lvl 31. They specialize in Blade and Defend, and wear Heavy Shield. Shillien Knights are questionable tanks whompenetrate their enemies’ protectionanddrain their HORSEPOWER. Thanks to their fans, enemies near by will be slowed down and crippled by the Shillien Knight, the moment engaged in struggle.

    While Shillien Knights are less tanky than Paladins, that they possess amazing damage and crowd control abilities. In comparison to Bladedancers, they may have slightly reduce DPS and higher survivability. While they might not have the highest DPS in the Warrior school, the Shillien Knight’sbalanced statsmakes him easy to use in all regions of the game.

    Unlike tanks just like Human Warriors, who largely rely on incredible force, Shillien Knight’s tanking abilities stem from their capability to HP Drain while assaulting to preserve themselves in battle. Since they do rely on HP Drain, instead of in base numbers, they are not really tanky as Human Players; however , they may have the ability to offer more damage, which allows these to really shine when progressing AFK.

    PvEis an effortless responsibility of Shillien Knights in battle, because of bigger survivability received from Unaggressive Skills just likeRighteous RageandEnhanced Drain. Coupled withProtection AuraandUltimate Protection, Shillien Knights can withstand most enemy ambushes. Although it may take some time to kill the enemy, a few players choose the assurance better survivability, instead of banking their particular chances upon glass cannons such as Perdition Walker or perhaps Bladedancer.

    However ,PvP especially Industry matches can be challenging for Shillien Knight players, since the Shillien Knight falls short of the rush damage used by Rogues, and a few of the Players and Mystic classes. As such, it is often far better to prolong challenges against tanky characters and adjust the playstyle to effectively countertop each enemy type.

    You are going to enjoy playing this persona class, if you happen to be the type of person who enjoys playing an offensive melee tank that lifesteals.

    Purchasing and Crafting Attribute Deposits

    Since the Freya Update, Feature Crystals drop in various higher level hunting argument, but on pre-Freya computers they can’t be decreased from enemies and can only be acquired through crafting. The recipes to get the create can be bought by NPC Police officer Tolonis in Keucereus Base located on the Favor continent.

    Every single attribute element’s recipe costs 600k Adena and two hundred Extracted Crimson Starstones. The recipes happen to be added to your Common Create book, therefore any category can learn and use them. The making cost to get 1 attribute crystal is 20 Strength Compression Pebbles (ECS).

    You will get ECS by going into the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity when they’re open up and look for NPCs called Seed Energy. You will find 6 types of those spawning randomly and each type corresponds to each credit element – Fire, Drinking water, Earth, Blowing wind, Dark and Divine. It is simple to distinguish each kind by looking with the NPC’s identity, for example Seed Energy – Fire.

    To farm ECS from these NPCs you require a Collection Agathion which can be acquired by possibly buying a Shadow Collection Agathion (which runs out after a established amount of time) from Officer Tolonis or by getting a regular Collection Agathion as a reward from the Corridor of Suffering instance inside the Seed of Infinity.

    Here is a more in depth article on how to access the Seed of Destruction and a few tips on gathering Energy Compression Stones:How To Get Attribute Deposits

    Skill Priority and Usage

    Be sure to get hold of Level 1 on all your skills prior to following the prioritization (particularlyRighteous FuryandEnhanced Drain). It is important to prioritize the Warrior Tool Mastery, String Hydra and Life Leech, as these expertise will be your staple source of harm. Defensive buffs and Passives should adhere to to ensure survivability.

    PvP (Arena) Skillset– Rush Impact / Chain Hydra / Your life Leech

    PvP (Siege) Skillset– Ultimate Protection / String Hydra / Life Parasite

    PvE Skillset– Ultimate Defense / Chain Hydra / Life Parasite

    SkillActive Your life Leech Sequence Hydra Best Defense Passive Heavy Armor Mastery Defense Aura Righteous Fury Enhanced Drain Dark Elven Potential Unusual Meteor Shower room Absolute Shield Healing Affect Poison Affect Defense Sector
    Photo Description PvP PvE
    Rush Effects Pushes toward opponents to offer damage and knock all of them down. 5th/6th X
    Swings the weapon widely to attack enemies and drain a portion of their HORSEPOWER. Decreases Outl. of afflicted enemies. 4th 5th
    Pulls enemies to you to deal harm, stun these people, and pressure them to harm you. 3rd 4th
    Increases Outl. and decreases attacking enemies’ Rate for a time frame. 5th/6th 3rd
    Soldier Weapon Competence Boosts Atk, when you equip a Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Swords 1st first
    Decreases destruction taken when ever Heavy Shield is outfitted. This effect stacks about 4 times. seventh 6th
    Increases the Def. of you and your get together members. This effect is definitely region-wide. 2nd 2nd
    Increases destruction dealt to monsters and reduces damage taken from monsters. Enhances the aggression amount of the episodes. 8th/9th 7th/8th
    Has a chance of making a fan that absorb HP when ever attacked. 8th/9th 7th/8th
    All their splendid challenge senses scholarhip them a better Crit. Rate when attacking enemies. (Bonuses to Acc. and Crit. Rate. ) Innate Natural
    Missile Bolt This strong skill offers critical damage to a few adversaries. Back button
    This kind of skill is great for attacking many enemies in a large area. Back button
    This skill tremendously improves the Def. therefore you are able to withstand powerful foes. X
    This kind of skill is an extremely effective way of healing to increase your HP effectively to get a duration of period. X
    Sets an foe to a poisoned state, decreases damage and movement speed for a certain quantity of time. Additional damage during debuff duration. ✔ (Alternative for Meters. Bolt) X
    A protective zone is set up to lessen damage received by get together members, and you are immune on your condition for a time. ✔ (Siege) X

    Specific Skills Usage

    • Righteous Fury and Enhanced Drain isn’t a legitimate big top priority, since the level scaling can be minimal. You can leave it in a low level until you may have nothing else to upgrade.
    • Ultimate Defense (Active) should be given concern to increase survivability. This skill makes you possibly tougher to beat, with Defense Environment.
    • Both active skills (Chain Hydra and Your life Leech) happen to be fantastic AOE skills that can be used in PvP and PvE.
    • In PvE, Supreme Defense is important to increase survivability and decrease enemies, enabling you to cleave attacks towards these people.
    • In PvP, utilizing your Crowd Control skills (Rush Impact and Chain Hydra) is essential.
    • Prioritize Soldier Weapon Competence for Harm, and Light Battle suits Mastery & Defense Feeling for Survivability

    Warlord Hero Class

    • Race:Human
    • Job:Soldier
    • Weapons:Dual Swords and Spear

    The Warlord hero category is very similar to the Paladin in lots of regards, aside from its defensive qualities, which can be on the weakened side below. However , it is fully paid for for by providing massive numbers of damage.

    This trait the actual Warlord exquisite for PvP battle, as it can impose and golf swing at vast arcs eliminating everything in its way. If you want to have a lot of fun with your personality, and don’t love defensive abilities, then absolutely pick Warlord.

    Paladin Hero Course

    • Competition:Human
    • Task:Warrior
    • Weaponry:Sword and Shield

    The Paladin hero course is arguably one of the most well-balanced class inFamily tree 2: Wave. It suits both equally new and experienced players due to its common appeal in such exercises as dungeoning and PvP combat.

    This class provides skills which could effectively boost its damage, such as Slam and Vindicte, and also protect it during multiple problems, such as Majesty.

    If you’re searching for a class which could defend by itself and its teammates, then Paladin should be the number one choice.

    Attribute Enchant Probability

    The chance to successfully use an attribute item (stone or crystal) is not really 100%. By my study and screening it seems to alter between 40% and 60 per cent. One hint I can offer is this: get a good amount of stones/crystals before enchanting your weapons/armors.

    I actually don’t find out if it’s some likelihood theory or maybe the way chance works, but if you use just a few stones/crystals at a time (say, 2-3), you are counting on sheer fortune a lot more. If you use a decent volume of stones/crystals (e. g. 15-20), in a line without pausing, the overall effectiveness rounds up at around 50-60% nearly all the time. It’s the same for virtually any kind of chance-based action actually.

    Anyway, screwing up to attract your products would not cause loss of credit level or maybe the destruction of your item.

    Character Assessment


    • Strong tank with good brings about and defense buffs.
    • HP Drain attacks (Life Leech and Enhanced Drain) increases survivability significantly
    • As a Darker Elf with naturally substantial ATK and CRIT stat, Shillien Knights in battle can cause even more damage than any other container in the game.
    • Able to solo AFK farm building, due to solid life leeching capabilities. Much easier for PvE, compared to different tanks.
    • Saves a bunch of HP potions due to lifestyle leech, creating this character course very Adena friendly
    • Chain Hydra is one of the finest CC abilities in the game, specifically large PvP fights
    • Shillien Knight’s skillset enables him to clear dungeons which may have significantly larger power requirements than your overall CP.
    • With the right skill setup, Shillien Knights can be great in both PvP and PvE.


    • If you’re looking for a total tank to get Sieges, a Shillien Knight isn’t for you personally. They’re usually the first tanks to die in arguements and will hardly ever spend the many time around the frontlines of Fortress Siege.
    • Lacks range problems, making it painless to have kill-stealed
    • Also via being a Darker Elf, he has the cheapest HP for the warrior course. Think of him as a great offensive fish tank.

    Movement, Time, and Saving Gameplay

    Screen your good friend list

    Shows your character’s current site in by, y, z . coordinates

    Include a player on your friend list

    Displays the existing in-game time (not real-life time)

    Take away a player through your friend list

    Sit down, rest, replenish HP and MEGA-PIXEL

    List of obstructed players

    Give a player towards the block list (ignore preventing trade)

    Toggle walk on/off

    Remove a player from the obstruct list

    Toggle run on and off

    Block whispers from all players

    Mount or land a pet

    Remove the whisper stop

    Begin recording gameplay

    Suggest another participant

    Stop saving gameplay

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